Behavior Files

Behavior files are designed to alter your mannerisms, thought process or personality. Behavior modification is perhaps the most common use of general hypnosis.

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We have the following four behavior samples for your use:

Curse Trig Catgirl

This furry-themed file implants a trigger to cause the listener to imagine his or her self as a catgirl with all of the associated personality traits. Be warned, this file is a "curse" file which means it is designed to be particularly difficult to remove. The catgirl experience is designed to be addictive and long-term use will cause the catgirl personality traits to become perminant.


This file is designed to give the listener the personality of a stereotypical "dumb jock". The listener will enjoy being treated accordingly. More cerebral interests will be dropped in favor of more physical ones.


A second part to TrainTotalJock designed to take the personality change further. Interests will become almost exclusively sports, sex and drinking. "Macho" behavior will be increased and intelligence will be diminished.

Curse Tatooed

This file will cause the listener to get many tatoos as well as add a desire to improve physical fitness. This file is designed to maximize the "muscular and tatood" look.