Diaper Files

Diaper files are designed to cause a loss of bladder or bowel control either immediately, after a certain trigger or permanently.

We have the following four diaper samples for your use:


This file will cause the listener to urinate while listening to the file as well as any time they hear the trigger phrase.


This creates a desire in the listener to wear diapers. Additionally it will cause bladder leakage while wearing or changing the diapers.

Trig Potty Amnesia

This file causes the listener to revert to an infantlike state with regards to bladder and bowel control. Furthermore, the listener will not be able to recall what a toilet is or what function it serves. This file has heavy infantalism overtones.

Bedwetter Fear to Reality

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This file causes the listener to become paranoid about wetting the bed, causing them to wear diapers. Ironically, this reliance on diapers will then cause the listener to begin to lose bladder control. This file has strong humiliation overtones.