Humiliation Files

Humiliation files cause, as the name implies, a variety of humiliating experiences for the listener.

We have the following four humiliation samples for your use:


This file is designed to make the listener to desire humiliation and objectification. Preferences for clothing and vocabulary would change to further reflect this change.


This file would make the user need humiliation, degradation and debasement. Behavior patterns will change heavily to cater to this need.


This file causes the listener to feel worthless unless they keep themselves physically fit. The listener will also begin to view his or her self as a sex object.

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Curse Fucked by a Dog

This file will make the listener to experience being penetrated by a male dog upon hearing the trigger phrase. The user will feel shame for allowing themselves to be used but will enjoy it afterwards. If the trigger is not spoken for a week, the experience will activate itself. Be warned, this file is a "curse" file which means it is designed to be particularly difficult to remove.