Sample Files

We have gathered thirty-two of the most popular files from our parent site and would love to share them with you here. These files cover a variety of tastes and fetishes so not every file may be right for you. Take your time to browse our archive and find something that appeals to you.

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If you are new to erotic hypnosis, we recommend you begin with the inductions category to prepare your subconcious to work with the remainder of the tiles.

Hypnosis File Categories


The purpose of induction files is simply to bring you under and place minor suggestions to help you trance deeper in the future. Beginners should listen exclusively to inductions at first to condition their subconsious to accept the other files.


The most blatently sexual of all file types. These are generally the most overtly x-rated file types.


These files affect personality and behavior and tend to focus on achiving some type of change in the listener. These files tend to have the least amount of eroticism as a group.


Slavery files are generally used for conditioning of a submissive (or someone who wishes to be submissive) into more complete submission for a dominant partner.


Feminization files are, as the name implies, designed to feminize a (usually male) listener. These files are popular among gender fetishists and especially recomended for Male-to-Female transexuals and cross dressers.


These files, designed to affect bowel or bladder control, are generally used by those with an infantalism or incontinence fetish.


Humiliation files are for anyone with a humiliation / degradation fetish. These files also tend to have highly submissive overtones.


Transformation files are primarily designed to change the listener's perception of his or her body. Transformation files have a variety of erotic and non-erotic applications.